History of Essential Oils

Third Day of Creation
Essential oils were given to us on the third day of creation for our well being.

7000 BC to 4000 BC 
Anthropologists find evidence of fragrant plants being combined with fatty oils of olive and sesame to create Neolithic ointments. 

3000 - 2000 BC 
Egyptian records indicate that they are importing large quantities of myrrh.

The Egyptian God Nefertem is depicted in hieroglyphs as healing through the power of plants and flowers. 

An Indus Valley terra-cotta apparatus, dated to 3,000 BC, is believed to be the first known primitive still that may have been used for distilling essential oils from plants. (Discovered by an archeological expedition led by Dr. Paolo Rovesti in 1975.)

1333 -1323 BC 
King Tutankhamen ruled Egypt and when his tomb was discovered in November, 1922, (3,000 years later) they found alabaster (calcite) jars sealed in fat and containing resinous materials, including spices and frankincense oils.

100 BC 
Rome reportedly consumed 2,800 tons of imported frankincense and 500 tons of myrrh per year. Romans referred to their sweethearts as "My myrrh" and "my cinnamon."

50 BC
1st century AD Roman historian, Pliny -- author of the 1st century AD Natural History, mentions 32 recipes prepared from rose oil, 21 from lily, 17 from violet, and 25 from pennyroyal. 

The New Testament is filled with hundreds of references to oil, including frankincense and myrrh brought to the Christ child. 

The Greek work Christos, Christ, means "anointed." 

Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord -- James 5:14

1400 AD 
During this time of the great plague, known as the Black Death, the king learned that robbers were stripping the dead of their jewelry and belongings, the king had the robbers arrested and offered to spare their lives if they would divulge the secret of how they stayed well. The robbers were perfumers and spice traders by profession, and they told the king they had used essential oils of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary rubbed all over their bodies and put on masks for breathing. 

In July, 1910, Dr. Rene Maurice Gattefosse, a French chemist, rediscovered the therapeutic value of essential oils in his family's perfumery business laboratory when he burned his arm quite severely and stuck his arm in a vat of lavender essential oil thinking it was water. Gattefosse also shared his studies with Jean Valnet, a medical doctor practicing in Paris. 

Dr. Jean Valnet (MD) joined the French Army in World War II. Dr. Valnet  used essential oils. 

Wagner and Sprinkmeyer demonstrated an essential oil mix to have broad activity.

"Dr. Taylor of the University of Austin, Texas has observed that essential oils present more new compounds than the chemists of the whole world could analyze in a thousand years. We now know that they are mixtures of many powerful chemical constituents." 
(Valnet, 1980)

What is understood is this: Because of their unique chemical structure, essential oils are able to penetrate the cell membrane of human cells, just as they do the cells of plants, carrying vital nutrients inside. Once inside the cell, "Essential oils promote natural healing by stimulating and reinforcing the body's own mechanisms.  
(Wildwood, 1991)

"What do the oils do? First of all they are transporters; they transport products to the cells of our body. Secondly, they contain ATP, which serves as the power source of the cells--the fuel. Essential oils normalize the viscosity of the blood, and facilitate the delivery of vital nutrients. Others  release liver toxins, clean the gall bladder, and stimulate the secretion of gastric juices, while even others work to improve nerve impulses and synaptic connections." 
(Friedmann, 1995)

Just a few of the well known people who love our products.

​Ronald Lawrence, MD, PhD – an associate professor at UCLA and and England’s Royal London Homeopathic Hospital
Dr. Lawrence is one of the most highly esteemed authorities on sports psychology, pain and pain therapy in the United States. He’s the author of over 35 scientific papers as well as a number of best-selling books about exercise, pain and alternative health care methods. His lists of accomplishments include being the co-medical director of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, and former member of the U.S. Department of Health. says…“Young Living has the best researched products I have seen in the alternative health industry. Their MSM formula is a mainstay in my medical practice.”

Angelina Jolie – world famous Movie Star
She and her family use Young Living Oils.

Isabel Harkins - make up artist to the stars, uses the oils on many celebrities and they continue to use them.

Liv Tyler - loves Young Living essential oil blend Joy.

Hannah Teter – Olympic snowboarding medalist
Hannah shared with Allure Magazine her love for Young Living’s Lavender and Rose. “I put them on my wrist, on my neck, and on my temples when I’m flying or just when I’m trying to wind down. The lavender is very relaxing.”

Demi Moore – world famous Movie Star
As guest editor of the Dec. 1999 Marie Claire magazine, Demi Moore shared her “Star Secrets,” which include her favorite Young Living oils: Clary Sage, Peace & Calming, and Inner Child.

Donna Karan – world famous Fashion Designer
Fashion designer, philanthropist, and founder of Urban Zen Foundation, Donna Karan is an enthusiastic user of Young Living Essential Oils. She has even had her aromatherapist, Ruth Pontvianne, apply the oils of Highest Potential and Thieves on her models before taking the runway! 

Gisele Bündchen – world famous Supermodel
Gisele, married to famous football quarterback Tom Brady, was featured in a Los Angeles Times article, where she mentioned her love of Young Living products. Being a supermodel, everyone would think that Gisele has it all and she does but like most working moms, she tries to maintain a balance between her personal and professional life. She’s also a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. Environmental Program and is very active in raising awareness about significant social and environmental issues. Young Living Essential Oils is among the ‘green’ products she uses. 

Mary Steenburgan - world famous Movie Star
Actress Mary Steenburgan, Ted Danzen’s wife, was featured on a TV magazine show. In an interview at her home, her children brought up “Mom’s oil room”. Mary explained that she was “really into” essential oils. While she didn’t mention any product names specifically, the picture told the story as the camera panned her extensive collection of Young Living Essential Oils.

Kerry Washington – In the feature, television and film actress Kerry Washington states that she keeps Young Living essential oils, including the oil blends of Joy and Inspiration, on her nightstand. Young Living blends Joy and Inspiration allow Kerry to maintain emotional well-being that results in a positive and joyful attitude, which, in turn, lets her prepare for another round of shoots, interviews, and the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. 

Kelly Clarkson - Singer
Loves the Thieves products.

Patrick Monahan - Singer
With the huge success the band Train has enjoyed, you’d think that lead singer Patrick Monahan feels the jitters before doing a show. He uses the blend Highest Potential which he rubs on his body to feel assured before facing the public.

Alanis Morisette - Singer
The essential oil blend Inner Child is her favorite oil. 

You don’t need to be a celebrity to start using Young Living Essential Oils. If you value your well-being, care for the environment, and support honest business practices, Young Living should be part of your non-toxic health and beauty regimen.

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